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Skin Care Basics

The Most Important Skin Care Products, Ingredients and Habits to Adopt Now

Let me just start by saying it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin – although the earlier you get a great skincare routine down, the better! By incorporating certain habits and ingredients into your morning and nighttime routines in your 20s and 30s, you’re more likely to have tighter, brighter, healthier skin in your 40’s!

What are the most important skincare products, ingredients, and habits to adopt before 40?

1. Get a skincare routine you LOVE! It can be 3 steps or 10 – just get in the habit of a routine. Microscopic changes like excess pigment and loss of collagen start in our 20s and progress so slowly that you don’t usually see them until your 30s and 40s. By then, they’re much harder to treat.

2. Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients to start using in your 20s and 30s. It helps prevent dark spots before they happen and support collagen before you lose it. Not only does it brighten the skin, but it also has firming benefits to boosts collagen, antioxidants, and UV protection benefits.

3. Hy-a-lu-ron-ic Acid is key for smooth, flawless, and hydrated skin. It’s great for hydrating dry, aging skin and reducing wrinkles. It’s especially useful for combating aging around the eyes. Hyaluronic Acid is great for anyone with skin!

4. Retinol – you’ve heard of it! What does it do  Retinols lift and tighten the skin. They improve skin firmness and elasticity and minimize the visible signs of aging caused by free radical damage. They also remove dead skin cells, clear congestion, shrink large pores, smooth uneven skin texture, minimize fine lines & wrinkles, keep skin firm and plump and fade dark spots!

5. SPF is your BFF! Words to live by. If you incorporate one anti-aging skincare product into your everyday routine, let it be sunscreen. Don’t forget to apply to your chest and the back of your hands.

6. Inside – Hydration ( get your water), Collagen supplements, and GLOW Beauty Chef powder to support healthy skin from the inside out!


What changes are you going to make to your routine?
👏Just starting and need some direction? Let me know! I’d love to set you up with some samples and a routine customized just for you.

Take Care of Yourself from the Inside Out