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Try a facial gua sha tool!

Gua sha tools can decrease lines and stimulate blood flow.

Our stress levels have been higher over the last few months, and our screen time has been tripled. This combo can leave you seeing unwanted creases between your brows and worry lines across your forehead. ☹️

Not into injectables as a skincare solution? Try a facial gua sha tool! This tool helps wake up the tissue and decrease lines by stimulating blood flow & collagen production.

Start with your skin freshly cleansed. Spritz your face with your fave facial mist, then follow up with a generous layer of facial oil. Grab your gua sha tool and get to work!

To release brow tension, trace along the entire eyebrow. This helps release stagnation in the tissues around frown lines with several gentle strokes. It might feel crunchy and a little tender. Erasing a line or a wrinkle is like breaking up a little bit of scar tissue in the skin. Use the U edge to release tension above the brow in 3 – 5 gentle strokes. Stimulate pressure points in the forehead to help deepen the release. Find three tender points along the brow and gently hold!

Check out @acu_yoga Gua Sha zoom classes for advanced Gua Sha facial treatments!



You will be amazed how quickly a facial Gua Sha tool will help lift worry and frown lines and give your skin an immediate glowing, healthy vibe!

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