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closeup of a woman's eye

What are the top 4 under-eye skin concerns and solutions? The skin around the eyes is thinner and shows signs of aging more quickly than other areas on your face. Every time you move your eyes—whether you squint, smile, or widen them in surprise—you’re using muscles around your eyes.

Over time, factors like dryness and loss of collagen and elasticity lead to wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. The best time to start using an eye cream is before you think you need one! Incorporating an eye cream into your daily skincare routine can help minimize the appearance of these wrinkles and tackle other skin concerns like dryness, puffiness, dark circles, and pigmentation! 



If your eyes always look like they’re packed and ready for an extended international vacation, here are some tips… First, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and try to cut down on fluids and salt intake before bed in order to minimize any fluid retention. You might also try applying a cold compress to the eyes. 

Our ToGoSpa Rose Gold Tighter & Brighter Eye Pads provide powerful amino acids and collagen to diminish the appearance of under-eye bags to reveal a refreshed appearance! 



Once sun damage is done, the best steps are to prevent additional damage and to reduce the visibility of current damage. To tackle pesky crow’s feet, we recommend layering Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream with Hibiscus Instant Line Filler. 

Our Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream delivers plant peptides, innovative algae extracts, and Smart Collagen+ Complex to visibly lift and plump the eye area. At the same time, the Hibiscus Instant Line Filler smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles in as little as two minutes.



We recommend applying the Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream. This ultra-rich eye cream not only helps with wrinkles but also improves the look of puffiness and dark circles. For particularly puffy days, try using a chilled jade stone or roller to help soothe and de-puff!



Tackle tired-looking eyes instantly with the Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream. This Advanced Instant Lift fX eye treatment rapidly de-puffs tired eyes, smooths wrinkles and minimizes the appearance of dark under-eye circles.