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5 skincare trends we think will be sticking around!

5 skincare trends we think will be sticking around!

The New Year brings on New Skincare trends, here are 5 trends that we think will stick around! SFF Makeup, Pre-rejuvenation services, Exosomes, Scalp health, Body Care!

SPF Makeup - By now we all know the damaging affects of the sun. Mineral Makeup with SPF is a trend that we’ve been behind for a LONG time! We are so excited that everyone else is on board! Some of our favorite Mineral Makeup with  SPF is Jane Iredale makeup dubbed the Skincare Makeup. It’s Vegan, Cruelty-free, Reef-safe, non-comeddagenic, contains no mineral oil and is SPF 25!

Pre-rejuvenation services -We are ECSTATIC about this trend! This is all about slowing the progression of ageing, increasing collagen production naturally and love the skin you are in! Our Favorite pre-rejuvenation services are Radio Frequency Microneedling, Classic Microneedling, Jet Plasma and HIFU! All these treatments work to stimulate collagen and elsastin production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and inevitable slow down aging!

Exosomes - This groundbreaking technology uses platelet derived Exosomes to help defend against the signs of aging and restoring the appearance of the skin! They support the production of natural of collagen and elastin, Deliver growth factors and powerful antioxidants and improve the appearance of redness, brown spots, dullness and wrinkles. 

Scalp Health - I love that this trend is trending!!! Just this year we’ve seen the first Holistic Scalp Facial pop up in Skagit Valley @forestandmane. You will also be seeing more scalp trending services like RF Microneedling for hair restoration that also incorporate Exosomes serums to help reduce shedding and breakage and deliver powerful nutrients to the scalp to increase the appearance of dentistry, thickness and fullness! 

Body Care - We neglect the skin on our body, this year it is all about adding in body skincare treatments that include exfoliating and  moisturizing. My favorite hydrating body care treatments are Stone Crop Body Scrub and Coconut Firming Body Lotion! You will also see more body treatments like our Miranda’s NEW Instasculpt which uses ultrasonic cavitation to permanently reduce fat cells, RF skin tightening, and LED red light therapy all which help tighten tone and for 

We are loving these prerejuvenated natural beauty trends that address the whole body for a healthy beautiful confident you!