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Exosomes in skincare - what are they?

Plated - Exosomes

Exosomes are the latest beauty buzzword that's making waves in the skincare world. Unlike other natural skincare ingredients, exosomes are derived from human stem cells and are considered the next big thing in skincare. They are nanosized small membrane vesicles that carry information from one cell to another and aid in healing and repair. Exosomes contain various components, including amino acids, lipids, growth factors, and peptides.

Exosomes can be used in skincare products or applied directly to the skin through micrpneedling. They work by targeting signs of aging, pigmentation, and rosacea while enhancing wound healing, fighting pigmentation, and increasing skin protection against free radicals. If you have any skin-care concerns regarding regeneration, whether that be signs of aging, hair loss, or discoloration, exosomes can be of major help.

We are excited bring the latest skincare ingredient that is blowing up the beauty world to our PNW clients! Allow us to introduce you to [ PLATED ], the most advanced skincare on the market!

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